Staff meetings are held monthly, usually on Saturdays at 2 PM EST (It is early so that our admods from the UK can make it). These meetings are usually about 1 hour long, depending on how much content there is. The date of these meetings are usually announced a week or two before the meeting.


The discussion of the meetings is usually structured as follows:


Admods and VIP's share their ideas with everyone else at the meeting. Ideas include rule changes, naming system changes (for official highways, etc.) If a lot of people agree, then it may be implemented as an official rule.


Admods nominate people for rank upgrades in the following order:

  • Architect
  • Moderator
  • Administrator - Not in every meeting.


We discuss important, recent news and upcoming events.

Questions (Public)Edit

The meeting is opened to the public and everyone (including admods) can ask questions which are answered by admods.