These are the typical bans for breaking the server's rules. Server rules shall NEVER be broken.

Strikes StystemEdit

EACH strike clears up automatically 14 days after it's given, and it is cumulative. This means that two strikes clear up after 28 days. You cannot be promoted with any active strikes on your record.

Strike 1Edit

  • A warning. Sometimes may come with a 24-hour ban if the offense is rather serious. The ban associated with the strike (if any) cannot be appealed due to its short length.

Strike 2Edit

  • A 3-day ban from the server. The ban associated with the strike cannot be appealed due to its short length.

Strike 3Edit

  • You're out! This is a 14-day ban from the server, and you're on the verge of getting permanently banned. After 3 strikes, even the slightest offense will get you permanently banned.

Strike 4 (?)Edit

  • This time, you're out for good! Four strikes is an automatic perma-ban. We were nice with you, because we gave you FOUR strikes instead of 3, and you STILL insist on breaking the rules...

As a guest...Edit

  • If the first thing you say when you enter the server is advertising other servers, then that is an automatic warning. If the first thing you say when you enter the server is spam, then that is an automatic warning! Second offense is an automatic perma ban. No appeals, and no exceptions!

As a member and up...Edit

Normal OffensesEdit

Normal offenses result in one strike.

  • Slight Griefing - Building something small in someone's city without permission. AFK boxes around people might be considered slight griefing after multiple warnings.
  • Spam - Spamming the server chat.
  • Advertising Servers/Websites - Self-explanatory.

Serious OffensesEdit

Serious offenses result in one strike with a 24 hour ban, or a double strike depending on the seriousness.

  • Offensive Chat - If you seriously offend or discriminate against someone, that is considered cyberbullying.
  • Griefing - Deleting someone's hard work, or messing around with it.
  • Advertising Spam - If you combine both advertising and spam, we consider this two offenses, so a double strike.
  • Commercialized Advertising - If you advertise in our server with an intent to make money, that is considered a double strike because we do not charge at all for this server. I am paying for this server with my own money, so please do not try to make money off of this free service I'm giving you.
  • Speed Hacking - I know you want to get to places quickly, but please don't speed hack. This is considered exploiting, but we are just a bit more lenient towards this, giving 2 strikes instead of 4.

Automatic Perma BanEdit

There is a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy to these offenses. Doing these things results in an automatic perma-ban with no chance for appeal.

  • Exploiting/Hacking (except speed hacking) - Anyone exploiting or hacking within our server will receive an automatic permanent ban.