Alert ANNOUNCEMENT: Staff Meeting

There is a staff meeting on Sunday, August 10!


Welcome to the DevCity Minecraft Server Wiki

This is the DevCity Minecraft Server's official Wikia page. More information coming soon.

Current Version: CraftBukkit 1.7.9 (1.7.10 compatible)

Plugins: EssentialsProtect, EssentialsChat, GroupManager, WorldEdit, Dynmap, WorldBorder, LogBlock



  • The Blue Line now has 4 stations, and for the first time crosses national borders. The line is currently, from east to west: Dev City -> West Bank -> Bay Head ->  / Iesia.
  • There is now an independent country on the server. Iesia has now declared independence from Greater Dev City.
  • We're getting more members! OakyTheOakTree was the first member, but we now have a second member named buddyboy5_BK_!
  • 63RegoPark is already retiring from the Admin position. He will now be a VIP member.
  • The next staff meeting will be announced soon!
  • Our Mumble server is now up! More information in the server itself, and ask an admod for the password! This feature only available to members and up!
  • Have a good day. :)

Important Pages

Server Rules - Explains the rules of the server.

Wiki Rules - Explains the rules of the wiki.

Ranks - Explains the ranks of the server, and of the wiki.

Dynmap - The server's dynamic map!

Member Application - The application which must be completed in order to become a member.

Latest activity

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